Tristan & Mike



We enrolled in Little Blessings Childcare when Joseph & Gigi were only three months of age. While this was a sigh of relief to have the professional childcare, it was overwhelming at times. Dana and Dee Dee helped us get through the first year of their lives successfully, keeping us up to date on every developmental advance or minor daily concerns. The twins moved to the Toddler Room prior to turning one so we faced another parental challenge. Joey and Gigi fully transitioned into the classroom with the help of Hillary and other teachers after a few short weeks. Fast forward to today, at almost two years of age, they walk into school every morning looking for a hug from Chef Art, a supervisory walk through of the infant room and finally to welcome arms in the Toddler Room. They come home every day with a new word, pieces of a song, dance move, or understanding of their little world.

Mike and I love Little Blessings and from the bottom of our hearts, thank the entire staff for their love, support and early education gift they provide to our children!